Every year, there are a large number of post-paid mobile recontracting events through retail outlets and the contact centres. These costs can run into the millions of dollars. There are a material number of hard churn events that are avoidable, currently resulting in substantial revenue loss.

Across the combined recontracting and hard churn events, the digital channel is currently somewhat passive. We provide preliminary new capability propositions to lift value from the core through a proactive and tailored digital recontracting offer to select customers nearing contract termination.


Although insurance companies are making use of latest technologies in various sectors, many of these have not embraced the digital revolution in the insurance renewal sector. Based upon the analysis of customer data, we provide a board range of customer attributes that may be considered in deciding which customers to contact with the offer and which offers to put forward.


Developments in mobile technology are resulting in cost-effective and real-time property information, which means many leasing activities are happening online. In addition to this, implementation of our services will help companies to contact a wide range of residential tenants with the click of a button thereby sidestepping the brokerage fees and increase transparency. This ease of communication will help avoid the need to manually prepare and mail hundreds of renewal letters and hence increase the productivity of the real estate industry in lease or rental recontracting sectors.