We have delivered favourable digital recontracting outcomes into numerous industries. A small sample of citations that the project team has worked on are summarised below.

Luxury German Automotive Manufacturer

The brief was to create a more efficient process for renewing car insurance that would both reduce administrative time and costs. Delivered via SMS, mobile rendered web pages and business logic. Significant ROI realised quickly.

Large National Retailer

The brief was to provide a simple process to communicate with their end customers, so they could approve or reject works at the touch of a button with a legally binding contract, all delivered via an SMS experience including images and audit trail.

National Sales Organisation

The brief was for head office to communicate with their field staff and in turn their customers. The recontracting solution took inputs from a variety of sources, analysed them using a series of complex business rules before presenting the data to their field staff and end client in a series of personalised and branded dashboards. Also electronic reports along with an easily accessible historical audit trail.